A Joint Skill Testing & Certification Program by KSA SVP & NAVTTC Pakistan for Pakistani Skilled Workforce to maximize the chances of employment in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Skill Verification Program (SVP) initiated by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to regulate its labor market and test the skills of the workforce to ensure that the worker acquires the necessary skills to perform the job and provide them with internationally recognized skill certification which is mandatory for the skill visas for employment in KSA.

NAVTTC has partnered with KSA – SVP to facilitate skill verification of candidates desirous of working in the KSA and conduct their exams through competency-based assessment (Theory & Practical) at test centers in Pakistan. This will enable Pakistani skilled workforce to get internationally recognized joint certification by SVP Saudi Arabia and NAVTTC Pakistan.

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  • Easier to obtain KSA skills visa
  • More job opportunities in KSA
  • Unlimited testing trials
  • Gainful employment with higher remuneration
  • Preparatory support by NAVTTC institutes
  • Job security for existing workforce in KSA
  • Globally recognized certification

NAVTTC-Takamol Skill Verification Program Trades

  1. Auto Electrician
  2. Auto Mechanic
  3. Automotive primary services
  4. BlackSmith – Construction
  5. Builder
  6. Building Electrician
  7. Car Body Repair
  8. Carpenter
  9. Communication (Telecommunication, Fiber Optics)
  10. Engine Mechanics
  11. HVACR
  12. Machinist
  13. Metal Forming Technician
  14. Metal Processing
  15. Mining Digger Operator
  16. Mining Technician
  17. Painter
  18. Plasterer
  19. Plumbing
  20. Shuttering Carpenter
  21. Stone Crusher
  22. Tiler
  23. Welder

How to Apply?