SAUDI Arabia is planning to build a £800billion sideways skyscraper 75 miles long that the desert kingdom claims will house five million people.Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman revealedplans for the gigantic structure in January 2021 with the aim of creating the Kingdom’s very own version the Pyramids of Egypt.

However, planners are concerned about the project’s cost and whether people would be drawn to living in a confined space following the pandemic.

Prince bin Salman is pushing ahead with what he calls a “civilizational revolution that puts humans first.”The Line will be part of the Neom desert city, consisting of two 1,600-foot-tall buildings that run parallel to each other in the desert and will take 50 years to build.It will be so long that engineers will need to use struts to account for the curvature of the Earth, and it will have its own high-speed rail line and marina.

Saudi Arabia plans to build 75-mile-long mirrored skyscrapers

According to the Wall Street Journal, the massive complex will extend from the Gulf of Aqaba in the country’s west, through a mountain range, and into a desert “aerotropolis.”The sleek structure, which will be coated in a silver shine, will have a travel time of about 20 minutes from end to end and will be powered by renewable energy.It will also have miles of greenery, homes, and farms to feed the more than five million residents who are expected to populate it.

Residents will need to have a subscription to access three meals a day.Prince MBS insists the building will be carbon neutral and have its own stadium 1,000 feet above the ground.The prince is hoping The Neom will create thousands of new jobs and wean the country off its dependence on the oil and gas sector to fill state coffers.


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