Razzaq Enterprises is a professional ISO certified recruiting agency in Pakistan, providing staffing and HR services. As a top recruiter in Pakistan we are helping multi national companies to source


A Saudi exit/re-entry visa is required for beneficiaries who have family members or domestic workers outside of Saudi Arabia, as well as employees who wish to leave Saudi Arabia and return within a certain time frame.


Qatar’s thriving economy is one of many factors that make this Middle Eastern country appealing to foreign companies, workers, and investors. If your company plans to expand its operations to Qatar,


You can clearly check illegal and legal recruitment agencies in Pakistan by visiting the BEOE and POEPA websites. Foreign employers looking to hire


Expats intending to work in Romania must have a valid work permit. Despite being excluded, EU citizens will still need to apply for a residence permit. Work permits are usually tied


Employing and retaining the right candidates are the two most important factors in Recruitment that distinguish a great company from a mediocre one. Inability to occupy open positions for an extended 


Pak petrol price, Recently Government of Pakistan has announced new petrol prices and said that government is not in the position to bear subsidies on petroleum products anymore


Thousands of expats leave their country to work in Saudi Arabia every year, a fraction of which are from Pakistan. There are dozen of job opportunities 


There are full service engage company is to provide solution for employees needs training manage the entire HR department for companies. We offer comprehensive employment services such as assistance