Pak petrol price, Recently Government of Pakistan has announced new petrol prices and said that government is not in the position to bear subsidies on petroleum products anymore
therefore, it has decided to increase Pak petrol price taking it to new record high of Rs239.89 per litre. These evils had a toll on the country as well as on individual level.

Pakistan has been one of the worst-affected countries by COVID-19, the pandemic has disrupted the economy of Pakistan which was on its take-off stage. The pressure on the public health sector has impacted Pakistan’s most important economic sectors. Since COVID-19 was novel and contagious, the governments from around the world were clueless on its handling. To curb the spread of this pandemic, multiple sectors were sealed, some worked but inefficiently even trade was paused. All this caused a negative impact on the global economy and had even severe impacts on struggling economies like Pakistan.

Although the government had put in place certain counter measures, they were insufficient to combat the pandemic’s repercussions. The pandemic has caused many economic evils in Pakistan like inflation, unemployment, deficit in balance of payments, rise in the fuel and oil prices and depreciation of the rupee.

With rising inflation and unemployment, it is nearly impossible to make both ends meet. In this situation, many people choose to be employed overseas for better earning opportunities, this not only raises the financial, social and economic status of their families but also helps the economy of the Pakistan to grow through an often-overlooked factor in boosting the economy i.e. foreign remittances. Hence, overseas employment is apparently a win win situation. To be employed overseas, numerous recruiting agencies in Pakistan are established. These companies are a click away, but they do not really guarantee placements abroad and are not reliable and the jobs offered through these agencies are not very rewarding.

Recruiting agency like Razzaq Enterprises overseas employment promoters which is registered from Bureau of emigration & overseas employment provides overseas jobs with guaranteed placements, good salaries with benefits & timely recruitment. Covering the Gulf nations including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates & Romania.  Razzaq Enterprises is established since more than 30 years and has helped thousands of families in sustaining their lives and maintaining a good financial and social status.


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